What is RejuveMax?

The RejuveMax is a luxurious European designed collagen bed which uses the properties of red light to stimulate the collagen fibers to rejuvenate the skin in a relaxing full body treatment. Its exquisite details and smart technology offer a fabulous spa experience while the skin naturally recovers its smoothness and youthful appearance in a completely safe manner and with no side effects.


  • Modern and beautiful design
  • Luxurious ergonomic cabin
  • 39 collagen lamps
  • 20 accent light lamps
  • Internal counter
  • Internal timer
  • Easily updatable software


  • Personalized programs by gender


  • Smart ventilation system
  • Heating climate control system
  • Integrated sound system with MPS connection
  • SmartVoice voice system
  • Aromatherapy system


  • Electric power supply 220/230v 60hz

Protective Fuse

  • 220/230V 16.0 amp


  • Light Spectrum | 620 nm


  • 650 lb / 295 kg
  • Dimensions

    • Height: 50 in | 128 cm
    • Width: 91 in | 230 cm
    • Depth: 49 in | 124 cm

    How it works?

    The RejuveMax therapy takes advantage of the revitalizing properties of red light to naturally promote the skin’s regeneration and repair processes, making it look younger and more beautiful in just minutes. Its specialized lamps apply red light at 620 nm, achieving a skin penetration depth of up to 10 mm to stimulate the fibroblasts to create new collagen and elastin fibers to progressively erase the signs of aging.

    Real Patients. Real Results.

    Incredible results in a wide range of treatment options and with no pain and no recovery time.