What is RejuveMax?

The RejuveMax is a luxurious European designed collagen bed which uses the properties of red light to stimulate the collagen fibers to rejuvenate the skin in a relaxing full body treatment. Its exquisite details and smart technology offer a fabulous spa experience while the skin naturally recovers its smoothness and youthful appearance in a completely safe manner and with no side effects.

  • Increase Collagen Production
  • Greater firmness and greater texture
  • Greater elasticity
  • Slows the sing of aging

How it works?

The RejuveMax therapy takes advantage of the revitalizing properties of red light to naturally promote the skin’s regeneration and repair processes, making it look younger and more beautiful in just minutes. Its specialized lamps apply red light at 620 nm, achieving a skin penetration depth of up to 10 mm to stimulate the fibroblasts to create new collagen and elastin fibers to progressively erase the signs of aging.

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1How does red light contribute to the rejuvenation process?
As time goes by, collagen production is progressively reduced. Collagen is the protein that provides the skin with support and, like elastin, it is responsible for providing elasticity and resistance. Several scientific studies have shown that red light at 620 nm penetrates up to 10 mm into the skin and stimulates fibroblastic cells to increase collagen and elastin production by up to five times, restoring its youthful appearance and firmness in a natural way.
2What differentiates RejuveMax from other rejuvenation systems with red light?
Until recently, collagen regeneration systems were only available for specific small areas. Thanks to its 59 patented and specialized collagen lamps, RejuveMax is the first collagen regeneration system that rejuvenates the entire body in just 12 minutes, in a quick, safe and effective way.
3Who is a good candidate for this type of treatment?
Healthy people of all ages, with any skin type and color, who want to look and feel younger and who are seeking a safe, effective and long- lasting anti-aging treatment while enjoying a few minutes of complete relaxation. Since it is a non-invasive technology, RejuveMax is the ideal option for today's society, offering an excellent solution for active people who seek quick results without pain or recovery time.
4What other benefits does the RejuveMax collagen regeneration capsule offer?
In addition to creating an anti-aging effect, its patented red light lamps oxygenate the skin, accelerate wound healing, treat broken capillaries, reduce pain and have a revitalizing effect. The exclusive features of the capsule also create the perfect environment to promote relaxation and provide the benefits of an anti-stress treatment.
5Are RejuveMax treatments safe?
They are completely safe because they do not emit harmful radiations, burn tissues or cause allergies or side effects. This approach is totally natural and non-invasive unlike other rejuvenation treatments that cause pain and adverse side effects while trying to repair the skin.
6What body areas can be treated?
Unlike other collagen regeneration systems, which only rejuvenate very specific small areas, the RejuveMax’s 59 patented collagen lamps treat the entire body in just a few minutes. In order to ensure the best results, the 20 focus lamps are strategically located to treat areas which are more sensitive and require special care, such as the face, neckline and hands.
7What does the procedure consist of?
The specialist will first meet with the patient to evaluate the skin and create a treatment plan. After that, s/he will take pictures of the patient before and after the treatment series to prove its efficacy. The specialist will perform a facial and body exfoliation and then s/he will apply an easily absorbed collagen gel on the body. The patient will lie down in the RejuveMax ergonomic capsule, the specialized lamps will turn on and the red light will penetrate the skin, increasing collagen production by 500 % in order to delay aging and naturally rejuvenate the tissues. Meanwhile, the patient will be able to listen to his/her favorite music and enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy with relaxing and invigorating essences. Finally, the specialist will apply a collagen cream on the body to complement the rejuvenation process.
8How long does the treatment take?
Each session lasts only 12 minutes for fair skin. Darker skins require 14 minutes since the deeper layers of the skin absorb less light.
9What results can be achieved with RejuveMax?
The aging process occurs gradually over the years. The rejuvenation with RejuveMax is gradual and progressive as well. After the treatment series, the skin will look younger, fresher and more radiant. An increase in collagen and elastin production regenerates and repairs the damages caused by the sun and the aging process, restoring the skin’s youthfulness by reducing the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines, increasing tonicity and improving skin elasticity.
10When are the results visible?
The results occur gradually and, although the precise time depends on each person, generally a significant improvement in the skin’s appearance and texture is noticeable after the first four weeks.
11How many sessions are needed?
To obtain maximum results, the patient should start with 2 to 3 weekly treatments over a period of 2 to 3 months. After the second and third month, once the skin has achieved its optimum level, 1 or 2 monthly maintenance sessions are recommended.
12Can I combine RejuveMax with other skin treatments?
To increase the anti-aging effect, it is recommended to first perform a microdermabrasion treatment with DermaMax to exfoliate the skin and remove dead cells, or a treatment with microcurrents to tone up and tighten. We suggest other complementary treatments to increase the client’s satisfaction and relaxation, such as body wraps with seaweed or mud or a massage at the end.
13What does aromatherapy consist of?
RejuveMax can increase the benefits of the rejuvenation treatment by taking advantage of the properties of different natural essential oils, offering a unique experience of luxury and comfort. The aromatherapy function offers a wide variety of relaxing as well as invigorating essences to heighten the senses and promote relaxation.
14Which aromatherapy treatments does RejuveMax offer?
The different oils offer a wide variety of aromatherapy treatments to meet each patient's needs. The most recommended treatments are mental balance, relaxation, anti-depression, aphrodisiac, anti-acne, anti-cellulite, hydration and post-surgery.
15What are the contraindications of this treatment?
There are few contraindications. People who suffer from epilepsy, photosensitivity or autoimmune diseases, like lupus and porphyria, cannot receive this treatment since they can cause adverse reactions. If the patient is taking any photosensitive medication, such as Accutane, to treat acne, s/he should stop taking it six months before the first session
16Does this collagen capsule also tan?
RejuveMax dos not tan. It’s only a rejuvenation system that naturally repairs and regenerates the skin. Its specialized red light lamps don’t emit ultraviolet rays like the sun does, therefore, they don’t burn or damage the skin.