What is it?

It is a method of washing the intestine, to improve intestinal transit and activate the circulatory system.
It consists of deep irrigation of the entire large intestine with low-pressure, filtered and purified warm water, through a cannula that is inserted at the entrance of the rectum, in order to eliminate accumulated waste. This cannula has a double way, therefore, water enters through one way and fecal matter comes out through the other, without the need to go to the bathroom.
At the same time that the water is introduced, a massage is performed that regulates the contractions and the rhythm of the colon, so that its functioning is restored.
It is a hygienic, effective, odorless and painless treatment. Nor does the entry of the cannula into the rectum cause discomfort, which is what most people worry about most, and it also has no side effects.
It is a safe and controlled therapy, which can provide great benefits for good health and disease prevention in just a few sessions.

What is it for?

The objective is to purge the waste and toxins accumulated in the walls of the large intestine, freeing the patient from pressure in the abdominal area, improving the conditions of the digestive system and preventing or relieving ailments.
This technique is used not only to clean the intestinal transit in people who want to avoid the accumulation of waste in the folds of the colon, but also for patients who suffer from chronic constipation.
Immediate changes can be experienced that result in a feeling of relief, lightness and renewed energy. Some subsequent benefits that may manifest are: better appearance of the skin, normal and regular bowel movements, reduction of headaches due to digestive discomfort, improvements in sleeping habits, halitosis and, of course, improvements in the functioning of the immune system.

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